Women Who Don’t Love Men

Don’t sleep with players… Don’t fuck misogynists

None of these efforts to tell women who they should sleep with will work. They are based in what women don’t want, rather than what they do want.

Typical woman’s game is to put up massive resistance, and only fuck the guys who break through. A massive list of “don’t’s” screening for only the most ruthless horny men practicing the tightest game.

Read the message me if section of girls dating profiles: “Don’t message me if you just want sex, are only looking for a hookup, don’t have more to say than ‘hi’, are under six feet tall…” Don’t, don’t, don’t, don’t.

The only men who are willing to push through this resistance are men who want sex badly (thirsty), men who don’t care about women’s boundaries (sociopaths), or men who have experience pushing through it (players).

The way to screen for the men women claim to want is to be pro-active, rather than what you don’t want. Instead of passively accepting or rejecting men’s advances, focus your attention on what you do want.

SunshineMary’s list of tips for spotting a player reads like a wishlist of things women want. Comfort, intimacy, knowing what to say… why don’t you just tell women to avoid men who make their pussy wet?

Adren Leigh says women should stop fucking “misogynist” Return of Kings writers (Sidenote: Adren, have you even read my work?), but gets upset when other women tell her who to sleep with. What makes your submission “a gift,” and other women’s “a miserable existence?”

These women come from very different backgrounds – Adren from feminism, and SunshineMary from Christianity – but both assume desire can be negotiated. That if women just had the right checklist of “don’ts” they’d stop fucking players. Sunshine even asked me for tips on spotting a player.

I could offer a list of “don’ts” like Adren has, but it wouldn’t change women’s behavior. The real way to break a habit is to replace it with something better. You wouldn’t have to figure out how to avoid players, if you loved and desired a different type of man.

Of course, then you’d have to face the real problem: women don’t really want what they say they want.

I’ve never read a love poem in praise of feminist men. I’ve never heard a church girl admire God’s artistry in the form of her brother’s in Christ. No woman ever had rape fantasies about a man who really respected her.

What few compliments these women offer focus on a man’s utility. He’s a good provider. He’s respectful. He checks his privilege. He does what I tell him. They’re compliments from obligation rather than admiration, and we all know how many steamy romance novels there are about duty sex.

Ladies, if you’re sleeping with men who don’t share your values, it’s because you don’t really share your values, or at least you don’t value them as much as you value masculine presence. That’s fine. I love my masculine energy and want women who worship at the alter of my cock.

The manosphere is full of men who love women. Men who are connoisseurs. There are whole whole blogs devoted just to comparing women of different nationalities and backgrounds, suggesting why you should consider one type of woman over another. Men will move to a different country just to be with more desirable women. Rooshv’s book Bang Poland reads like a misty-eyed love letter.

You don’t see posts in the manosphere about how to avoid sex with fatties, or long threads asking “Ugh, why do I keep dating short-haired feminists?”

Even blue pill writing – almost every love ballad you hear on the radio is written by men for women. Where are the love ballads in praise of men? Not a particular man who is somehow special, or different, but in praise of men?

Warren Farrell has a chapter in Why Men Are The Way They Are called “What I Love Most About Men.” I have never seen any woman post a list on the same theme, but I’ve seen several threads and posts appreciating women, from the full spectrum of alpha appreciation to beta pedestalization.

If women were to love men the same way men love women, posts telling women to stop fucking players would disappear, because a woman in love is hard to tempt. Not intellectual preference or a mental checklist “love,” but real embodied starry-eyed desire. The kind of love women don’t have for church boys or male feminists.

Happy Valentines Day.


  1. earl says

    Most of the advice won’t matter anyway because of hormonal birth control, government support, and lack of fatherly guidance for most gals. The threat of pregnancy has been pretty much taken away, if it does happen the government will give her taxpayer funds, and the threat her father would be disappointed in her and take away his approval is long gone.

  2. says

    They love us, they hate us. Women love’s is classic example of “Come here, Go away” – but it’s only when you don’t play the game, that they really start wanting you. I love women, and everytime I find one that I think is special, I have to continue to tell myself – that all women ARE like that – redpill truths are hard – but as the saying goes – you don’t have to like it, you just have to do it.

  3. Professor Highbrow says

    Attempts to get women to change the focus of what they ‘want’ is an exercise in futility. Women don’t know what they want. If they knew what they wanted, they’d be men.

  4. says

    When I first discovered the manosphere, I was angry at the choices women made in their relationships, but over time I’ve realized it’s not entirely their faults. We often like to point out that womens’ relationship advice is just a projection of what they want onto what they believe will work on men, when we know the male and female conditions are different. I think when we ponder things like “Why can’t women be more proactive about getting themselves into the right condition to find a good man and not a player”, we’re projecting the male experience onto females. I think men just have a greater ability to change themselves for self improvement and correcting past mistakes, while women are much more sensitive to environmental and social factors than men are. I think that’s a big reason why you only see women change when there is a change in the social environment.

    If you think about it, let’s consider the life of a woman being born in today’s society. For her first 18 years, she goes to public school where she is told that she is a special snowflake, that there is no wrong questions or answers, that men are evil, etc etc. As you mentioned, they have an attitude that they are special simply for having a vagina, and I think they get a lot of this from public education and the media. Her father is barred from asserting masculine authority for fear of legal backlash. Many attempts of protecting his daughter’s honor by restricting her freedom or enforcing old world values could be interpreted by child protection services and other social service workers as abusive. Due to the legal environment, it’s difficult for the father to also be seen as or to enforce himself as the head of household from fear of frivorce and loss of custody. There is very little chance for women to gain respect for men in this environment. All she sees of men is her father slaving away to support the family with no reward of authority or appreciation. She assumes this is completely normal, and that all women are entitled to this behavior from men.

    Then she goes to college, where she has no parental supervision and is encouraged to have sex as much as possible with whoever makes them tingle, and to produce false rape accusations whenever it could damage her reputation. After that she will find a career and repeat this lifestyle until she begins to hit the wall. Notice that throughout this condition, there are not many voices encouraging her to live a traditional lifestyle and to honor men. If they exist, it is from her parents, and they have very little means to enforce what they preach against the fangs of the state, her peers, and everything she is told in mainstream media.

    I’m not saying that what women do is justifiable by any means, but I think a large part of the destruction of the modern female is just their inherent biological response to a new environment. Is there anything we can do about it? I don’t know, and to the be honest, I think the only way that is possible is to change the environment. For that to happen, we’ll just have to wait for the current environment to collapse from the breakdown of governments’ ability to fund their lifestyles. I’ll be poolside until then.

    • a_b says

      You summed up the cradle-to-grave female existence in today’s USA. Today’s “liberated” woman is rudderless due to Institutionalized Masculinity Shaming.

      I’ve also noticed how women under 40 tend to call men “boys” and even refer to themselves as “girls.” Language is powerful. A couple of generations ago, calling a man in his early 20s a “boy” would have received a less-than-polite response.

  5. says

    Ya, I never noticed that – how true.

    It must be due to women never giving away their true hand. She must appear to not be a fidelity risk, and showing attraction for a class of people instead of a particular man would be akin to a slut tell. That, and it would show what her real attraction triggers are, which must be kept secret at all costs.


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