Who Killed Adulthood In American Culture?

Originally published on Return of Kings. New York Times film critic A.O. Scott recently wrote an essay titled The Death of Adulthood in American Culture, lamenting that as the TV show Mad Men draws to a close, there are no more men like Don Draper in American culture, saying that “Tony (Soprano), Walter (White) and […]

An Ancient Samurai on Men Becoming More Feminine

The Hagakure is an 18th century samurai manual, based the commentaries of samurai Yamamoto Tsunetomo. An early passage reads: According to a certain person, a number of years ago Matsuguma Kyoan told this story: In the practice of medicine there is a differentiation of treatment according to the Yin and Yang of men and women. There […]

Did Anita Sarkeesian Fake Death Threats Against Herself?

Originally published here on Return of Kings. On Wednsday, August 27, 2014, feminist game critic Anita Sarkessian made the following tweet: With this screencap attached: Anita claimed that the above user had tweeted her real home address (blacked out above) with public death threats. Immediately the gaming press community rallied to her defense, publishing article after article discussing harassment and misogyny in […]

11 Reasons Men Should Use Bitcoin

Originally published here on Return of Kings. Though the internet has allowed artists to connect directly to their audience in ways never before seen, its freedom is under attack. Censorship is common, and the media routinely blacks out important stories or blatantly lies about others. Men’s sites in particular are the target of defamation, and are routinely harassed […]

Is Bitcoin Anonymous?

Short answer, no. That might surprise a lot of people, as bitcoin is usually thought of as anonymous crypto-currency. In reality, bitcoin is pseudononymous, meaning that while your real name may not be on your account, your account does have a unique address and transactions between it and other accounts are public. To give an […]

How To Send And Receive Bitcoins

Bitcoin wallets have what is known as a Bitcoin address, which other users can use to send you money. This is my Bitcoin address: To send Bitcoins to someone, simply open the wallet of your choice, click send money, and enter the other persons Bitcoin address with the amount you’d like to send. To receive […]

How To Buy And Sell Bitcoins

Frankly, buying bitcoins is the most annoying part of the process. Ideally, Paypal would be set up to easily transfer currency to bitcoin, but Paypal sees bitcoin as a competing “e-currency” and has been known to freeze the accounts of services that sell bitcoins. Paypal also allows users to demand their money back (chargeback protection) […]

How To Setup A Bitcoin Wallet

Before you can send, or receive bitcoins, you will need a bitcoin wallet. Setting up a bitcoin wallet is incredibly easy. First, select your wallet. I use https://blockchain.info/. If using blockchain, click “Create My Free Wallet” and enter your info. Click continue, and you’ll be given a “wallet recovery mneumoninc” in case you need to […]

Why I’m Using Bitcoin

You may have noticed some odd text on the new donate page: Donate anonymously via bitcoin. Bitcoin address: 19RzhnGV5Ak6kKFWVL7oijcEdHg7ayjgpH That is a bitcoin address. That little block of text allows you to donate anonymously to my site. But why include a bitcoin address? Why not just a paypal donate button? There’s been a lot written about […]