My 3 Greatest Mistakes Writing For Return Of Kings

Originally published on Return of Kings here. Failure can often be a greater teacher than success. Our most valuable learning experiences are often the ones that leave us looking like a fool. With that in mind, I offer the three greatest mistakes I’ve made since I started writing for ROK: 1. Underestimating How Much Money Drives The Internet When I […]

The True Story Of A False Rape Claim At UVA

Originally published on Return of Kings here. Several have raised legitimate questions about the veracity of a front page Rolling Stone story titled A Rape on Campus: A Brutal Assault and Struggle for Justice at UVA, which accuses several Phi Kappa Psi members of gang-raping a young woman during a fraternity party at the University of Virginia. The story has already spawned […]

#NoNothingNovember Mid-point Check-in

For those that don’t know, I’ve been doing #NoNothingNovember, in which participants give up 3 vices for 30 days. Here are mine, and how they’re working for me thus far: 1) No internet browsing till 5pm. My intention behind this resolution was to avoid distraction and focus on work. However, a lot of what I […]

#TakeDownJulienBlanc Shows Feminists Need The Patriarchy To Protect Them

Originally published on Return of Kings. Feminists are trying to take down Real Social Dynamics pick-up coach Julian Blanc for a video he posted, in which Julien pulls Asian women toward his crotch while repeatedly shouting “pickachu.” They’ve already gotten RSD banned from several major hotels, and shut down an RSD event, attacking and hitting […]

#NoNothingNovember Resolutions

It’s #NoNothingNovember. #NoNothingNovember is a simple concept created by Kid Strangelove: in the month November, give up three vices that hold you down. That’s is. 3 vices, 30 days. I decided to join. Here are my resolutions: 1) No internet browsing till 5pm. This is the hardest one for me. I don’t have many vices. I […]

People Oppose Anonymity Because They Can’t Think For Themselves

Originally published on Return of Kings. Feminists and social justice warriors hate online anonymity. In the recent months, there has been a deluge of articles arguing that the internet is rife with harassment because people can hide behind online handles, and only total digital monitoring can make women feel safe online. Likewise, many in the […]

Support #GamerGate By Writing Gawker’s Advertisers

Today, I emailed every company that supports Gawker Media to ask them to stop supporting a pro-bullying media company. If you’d like to do the same,. You can find here a graphic with every Gawker advertiser’s contact info listed (reddit thread on it here). I’ve included that contact info in plain text format below my email, so you […]

How To Avoid Seasonal Affective Disorder

I’ve seen it every year. Around the winter time, men’s blogs get angrier and more depressing. People post more about how the country is going to hell, feminism is strangling modern sexual relations, and there’s really no point in trying because we’ve probably already lost anyway. Then mysteriously around springtime, the same bloggers start posting about self-improvement again, […]